Sometimes the best way to avoid issues is planning ahead.  Having policies and systems in place to deal with the multitude of issues employers face can save you a lot of costs and aggravation down the road. 

Drafting and preparing clear and concise workplace policies that protect companies and their employees is something the lawyers at Taylor & Blair have been assisting organizations with for years. We can work with you to develop a company handbook that outlines policies, procedures and day-to-day expectations specific to your organization.  There are a number of different areas an employer need to consider when it comes to policies and related systems:

  • Health and Safety policies;
  • Drugs & alcohol policies;
  • Privacy policies;
  • Harassment policies;
  • Attendance policies;
  • Social media policies;
  • Internet and email usage policies;
  • Work from home (WFH) policies; and
  • Employee conduct policies.


The areas above are just a few examples of workplace policies that could be the right fit for your organization and can significantly assist with managing risk moving forward.