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Employment Agreements

Employment Agreements are an extremely important tool for employers to utilize to minimize human resources risk with their employees.  They should be used for all employees in the workplace, not just senior executives.  When it comes to drafting and preparing employment agreements, you need an experienced employment lawyer that knows the areas and issue where liability can be limited in contracts, and so that it reflects recent changes in the law.  Issues such as termination/severance pay, restrictive covenants, and constructive dismissal are just a few examples of issues that should be address in employment agreements.

Workplace Policies

Drafting and preparing clear and concise workplace policies that protect companies and their employees is something I’ve been assisting organizations with for years. I can work with you to develop a company handbook that outlines policies, procedures and day-to-day expectations specific to your organization.  Harassment policies, attendance policies, and social media policies are just a few examples of workplace policies that could be the right fit for your organization and can significantly assist with managing risk in your organization.

Human Rights

Human rights legislation prohibits employers from implementing or adopting any practices or policies that discriminate against employee on certain protected grounds such as race, religions, sex, gender, ethnicity, etc.  Human rights issues can arise at the time of hire, during the employment relationship, or at the time of termination.  I can assist your organization draft policies and practices to ensure that it doesn’t violate human rights laws and obligations. In the event of a human rights complaint, I can assist with defending your company’s reputation and legal position.

Employment Standards Compliance

Is an employee entitled to a paid lunch hour? What happens if a manager stays late — is he or she owed overtime pay? Questions like those above arise in every workplace. Your business needs to have the answers at hand as the Employment Standards Act (among other laws) demands compliance with basic minimum employment standards.  I regularly work with businesses of all sizes to help ensure compliance with employment standards laws. I can help navigate your legal rights and responsibilities as an employer.


Most workplace disputes can be resolved without costly and time-consuming litigation. Whether the issue concerns harassment, dismissal or the amount of severance an employee is entitled to receive, mediation could be a viable option to consider. I can assist with helping you devise a strategy for dealing with any type of employee dispute at mediation, and can present your position during mediation and negotiating solutions to difficult issues.

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