British Columbia Employment Lawyers

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a range of employment challenges for both business owners and employees. Whether you’re an employee that has been temporarily laid off, or a business owner that is confused about how to comply with employment standards, we can provide you with the legal insight you need to manage these circumstances. Some other issues Canadians are facing right now:

  • Temporary layoffs
  • Occupational Health and Safety concerns
  • Workplace policies
  • Compliance with Employment Standards
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For Employees

If you’ve been terminated or laid off from your employment, it’s important that you seek legal advice before signing any release document or eit agreement. In most employment situations, you are entitled to reasonable notice or termination of pay in lieu of reasonable notice.

The lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP can advise you on your legal rights arising from your termination or lay off, including severance pay and other compensation you are owed. We work with your employer to ensure you are treated fairly.

For Employers

With so many recent changes to legislation, employers may find it difficult to navigate their obligations to their employees.

The lawyers at Taylor & Blair work regularly with businesses of all sizes to help ensure compliance with employment standards laws. We can help navigate your legal rights and responsibilities as an employer during this tumultuous time.

How Taylor and Blair LLP Can Help You

Taylor & Blair regularly represent clients before federal and provincial courts, arbitrations, mediations and administrative tribunals. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions to problems arising in the employment context while keeping in mind our client’s bottom line.

As your advocates, we use our knowledge and experience to decide which strategies to use to best advance your case, explain it to you in plain language and will proceed only upon your instructions.

We can help manage employment related risks for both employees and employers throughout BC and help you navigate this situation. We’re able to meet you remotely, by phone, or from the comfort of your own home.