Lawyers for Professional Complaints & Discipline

If you are a licensed professional facing a complaint or disciplinary investigations with your regulatory body, it is important for you to seek legal representation as soon as possible. What may seem like a nuisance complaint, or a small issue, can quickly spiral into something much larger. From the very first communications with your governing body, you will want to have experienced legal advisors on your side. Our lawyers will provide the support and guidance you need to protect your professional standing and safeguard your career.

Where once a professional only needed to be concerned with their actions within their workplace and professional environment, in the digital age one’s personal life and opinions can have significant impacts on their professional standing. Your social media posts, potentially from years ago, can impact your career in devastating ways due to quickly evolving sensibilities and sensitivities. Other matters that can result in regulatory proceedings are allegations of bullying or verbal abuse, sexual harassment, criminal behaviour, drug or substance abuse, a failure to meet the applicable standard of care expected in your profession or failure to adhere to your regulatory body’s Code of Conduct. 

Professional complaints and disciplinary matters can have a significant impact on your professional reputation and in some cases can result in restrictions to your license, suspension of or revocation of your professional standing, and with it your income. These claims can arise with any licensed professional, including:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Engineers
  • Accountants
  • Realtors
  • Architects
  • Lawyers 
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Pharmacists


The lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP can assist you with your initial dealings with your regulatory body, the preparation of your response to your regulatory body during an investigation, negotiate on your behalf directly with your regulatory body, dealing with pre-hearing matters or prepare for and represent you during formal hearings, amongst other services.

If you have questions about a complaint made against you to your regulatory body, or if you are going through or anticipate having to go through a disciplinary process, contact the lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP today for a consultation.