North Vancouver Employment Lawyers

For over 30 years the North Vancouver employment lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP have proudly served the legal needs of the residents of North Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Known for its mountains and beautiful scenery, North Vancouver has been growing over the years and is now a centre for numerous industries, including shipping, chemical production, television/film industry, tourism, and technology.  The North Vancouver employment lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP have the experience to help North Vancouver employers or employees with their employment law matters.

Effective Resolution of North Vancouver Employment Law Claims

Our North Vancouver employment lawyers will make sure we resolve your employment law claim in a quick and cost-effective manner.  We will carefully review your legal documents and explain the legal implications and your options in clear, plain language that you will understand.  We’ll keep you updated every step of the way as we work hard to resolve your legal issue to ensure that you get a fair deal.

Our North Vancouver employment lawyers have experience in all areas of workplace law, including:

Schedule a Consultation with our North Vancouver Employment Lawyers

Does your North Vancouver employment matter not require a full retainer with hourly rates?  Schedule a one off consultation for a flat fee of $275.00 plus tax.  Our North Vancouver employment lawyers will review your legal documents, give you an overview of your employment law issue and make recommendations on how you should proceed moving forward.  There is no obligation to retain us on an hourly basis after.  This service is often used to review employment contracts and severance packages, or by employers for litigation avoidance strategy, but can be used for any employment law need.

Contact Taylor & Blair LLP today if you need a North Vancouver employment lawyer with the expertise to solve your workplace problem.