Lawyers for Professionals Requiring Accommodations

In British Columbia professionals are regulated by various governing bodies that establish the expected standards and requirements for various fields, be it physicians, engineers, lawyers, accountants, or other regulated professionals. These standards are set to uphold the standards expected in a particular profession, maintain the integrity of a profession, and importantly assure the public that they can rely on a professional safely and with confidence. In order to facilitate this, professionals are required to be licensed by their governing regulatory bodies. These licensing processes differ for each profession, but there are often a combination of educational requirements, work experience requirements, and testing requirements.  

The regulatory requirements imposed on professionals are often difficult and demanding in all circumstances but can be made even more so when a professional has a disability. Professionals with disabilities are entitled to the same opportunities and rights as their non-disabled counterparts. Unfortunately, discriminatory practices and points of view, or lack of available accommodations by regulatory bodies can create significant barriers to entry and advancement in their chosen professions. Such individuals should be given appropriate accommodation by their regulatory body to allow them every opportunity to advance in their chosen profession.

Seeking accommodation from a professional regulatory body can be a complex and daunting process. The lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP can assist you with evaluating the circumstances surrounding the requirement for accommodations, assist in preparing the request for accommodation to be submitted to the governing regulatory body with proper documentation and supporting evidence, negotiate on your behalf with the regulatory body and, if necessary, assist in the dispute resolution process should the accommodation request be denied.

The lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP can assist professionals with disabilities in their requests for reasonable accommodation from their regulatory bodies. Whether there is a requirement for modifications to examination procedures, adjustments to continuing education requirements, or other accommodations to ensure equal access and opportunity, we will work hard and ensure that your regulatory body fulfills its legal obligations and that you receive fair treatment.

We also assist in cases where professionals with disabilities have been unfairly treated or discriminated against by their regulatory bodies. We will ensure that any discriminatory practices that you have experienced are addressed in an efficient manner and that such conduct ceases to occur in the future.

If your issue does not require the full-time services of a lawyer, Taylor & Blair LLP also offers confidential consultations to professionals with disabilities who are seeking legal guidance with respect to their interactions with their regulatory bodies and help you develop strategies on how to proceed. During these consultations, we will assess your situation, provide personalized advice, and help you develop a strategy to move forward with in order to address your specific needs and concerns without the cost of having a lawyer on retainer.

If you are a professional with a disability encountering challenges with your regulatory body, contact the lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP today for a consultation.