Workplace Harassment Lawyers

Harassment at work can take place in a variety of ways. It may include sexual harassment, teasing, intimidating or offensive jokes and innuendos. It might involve displaying or circulating offensive pictures or material. Harassment can include offensive or intimidating phone calls or text messages. Any kind of workplace harassment is difficult to endure and can have drastic effect on your home life as well as work life.

Harassment & Bullying Lawyers

One of the most common for of workplace harassment is bullying from employers or other employees, or the creation or tolerance of a “toxic” and hostile work environment.

Examples of harassment and bullying that come up in the workplace can include:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Malicious gossip and rumours
  • Damaging someone’s personal property
  • Conduct intended to intimidate
  • Conduct intended to offend
  • Conduct intended to humiliate

No one wants to, or should be expected to, work in a workplace environment where they are subjected to bullying and harassment and the law recognizes that.

Harassment in the workplace can lead to claims for constructive dismissals, or claims for discrimination under the Human Rights law.

Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Another form of workplace harassment is sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment is an extremely serious matter and not an issue employers should ever take lightly. The impact of sexual harassment can go far beyond the employment relationship and can have significant physical and emotional consequences for the employee who has suffered the sexual harassment.

Examples of sexual harassment that can be found in the workplace can include:

  • Abusing a position of authority to solicit sexual relations from a subordinate
  • Making inappropriate sexual comments
  • Sending inappropriate sexual communications
  • Offering promotions or other employment benefits in return for sexual favours
  • Unwanted sexual touching, such as kisses, caresses, and fondling
  • Unwanted sexual conduct

This list is not exhaustive of the types of behaviour that could be sexual harassment. It’s also important to note that sexual harassment can come from an employer or another employee.

If you have been sexually harassed by another employee and your employer was aware of sexual harassment from another employee and took no steps to put investigate the sexual harassment or put a stop to it, the employer could be vicariously liable for the sexual harassment of the other employee.

Experienced Harassment & Bullying Lawyers

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We understand the trauma that can come with dealing with harassment and bullying in the workplace and will approach your claim in a compassionate and understanding way to help you advance your rights while recognizing what you have had to go through.