Employment Agreement Lawyers

Employment agreements are an extremely important tool that employers should utilize to minimize human resources risk with their employees.  Unfortunately, many employers do not use employment agreements with all their employees or fail to update their employment agreements to current legal standards.  This often leaves an employer exposed to potential claims against them or can bind their hands in how they can deal with their own employees.

The Importance Of Employment Agreements

Employment agreements should be used for all employees in the workplace, not just senior executives. Employment agreements are the foundation of the relationship between the employer and the employee. Properly done, an employment agreement should govern the creation of a working relationship, the working relationship itself, and any entitlements when that working relationship comes to an end.

When it comes to drafting and preparing employment agreements, you need an experienced employment lawyer that understands your business and can identify the points where liability can be limited with an employment agreement so that it reflects recent changes in the law and protects your interests.

Issues such as termination/severance pay, restrictive covenants, and constructive dismissal are just a few examples of issues that should be addressed in employment agreements to protect employers and help manage various risks associated with running a business.

Stay Current To Avoid Problems

The laws regarding employment and employment contracts are constantly evolving. For example, changes to the Canada Labour Code which occurred on February 1, 2024 changed minimum entitlements that federal employees enjoy. The result of this is that many employment agreements with federally regulated employees that were entered into years ago may not be unenforceable as they may fail to meet the required minimum entitlements under the law. This could expose numerous employers to significant damages.

Just as you take your vehicle in for regular maintenance, it is important to have your employment agreements reviewed periodically to ensure they meet the current requirements further to the legislation and the case law coming out of the Court system. What was once an air tight agreement can become a liability for an employer with one case being decided by the Courts or change of legislation by the government.

While no one likes having to spend money on lawyers, a large part of our work done for employers is litigation avoidance, and it is better to spend a little money upfront to ensure your business is protected, than have to spend much more later on to defend a claim because your employment agreement did not adequately protect your interests.

Experienced Employment Agreement Lawyers

The experienced employment lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP can help prepare employment agreements customized for the specific needs of businesses of all sizes to ensure they are well positioned to manage their risk going forward.

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