Employment Agreement Lawyers

Employment agreements are an extremely important tool that employers should utilize to minimize human resources risk with their employees.  Unfortunately, many employers do not use employment agreements with all their employees or fail to update their employment agreements to current legal standards.  This often leaves an employer exposed to potential claims against them or can bind their hands in how they can deal with their own employees.

Employment agreements should be used for all employees in the workplace, not just senior executives. When it comes to drafting and preparing employment agreements, you need an experienced employment lawyer that knows the areas and issue where liability can be limited in contracts, and so that it reflects recent changes in the law.  Issues such as termination/severance pay, restrictive covenants, and constructive dismissal are just a few examples of issues that should be addressed in employment agreements in order to provide for employees while protecting employers and helping employers manage the risks associated with running a business.

The lawyers at Taylor & Blair can help prepare employment agreements customized for the specific needs of businesses of all sizes to ensure they are well positioned to manage their risk going forward.