Lawyers for Human Rights Complaints

Human rights legislation prohibits employers from implementing or adopting any practices or policies that discriminate against employees on certain protected grounds such as race, religions, sex, gender, ethnicity, etc.  

Human rights issues can arise at the time of hire, during the employment relationship, or at the time of termination.  The scope of what is considered a human rights issue is expanding day by day and staying current with the state of the law in this area can be challenging.  It is important that employers are aware of their responsibilities to their employees, as human rights claims can be costly to address.

The lawyers at Taylor & Blair can assist your organization policies and practices to ensure that it doesn’t violate human rights laws and associated obligations. In the event you do have a human rights complaint against your organization, we are experienced in assisting with defending your company’s reputation and legal position, whether through negotiations, mediation or before the Human Tribunal.