Workplace Investigation Lawyers

When issues arise for an employer, it can often be beneficial to have someone from outside your organization assist with the workplace investigations.  Often investigations done by a human resources staff or other employee can cause problems for employers as claimants will often allege a bias towards the investigation regarding an organization who is directly responsible for paying their continued salary.  This is an obvious conflict of interest and can be used against employers to undercut what may still be a fair and reasonable investigation. Having an independent third-party conduct investigations can shield employers from this issue. Areas that require workplace investigations are numerous and include issues like:

  • Sexual harassment;
  • Bullying;
  • Human rights code violations;
  • Policy breaches;
  • Physical or emotional injury on the job;
  • Breaches of privacy and/or security; and
  • General misconduct

Working With You

The lawyers at Taylor & Blair can assist employers in conducting investigations in an efficient and timely manner to help you manage your risk.  We understand how to deal with individuals who have experienced trauma and will work with you and your HR team to make sure any investigation is handled appropriately.  We will gather the evidence and documentation needed to properly understand a situation and provide the guidance you need to navigate moving forward.

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