What Does British Columbia’s New Pay Transparency Act Do?

With a view to promote gender equality and pay equity in the workplace, the province of British Columbia passed the Pay Transparency Act on May 11, 2023, and will come into effect on November 1, 2023. This act is designed to provide greater transparency regarding employee compensation and the gender Continue reading

Can Your Employer Reduce Your Pay?

When it comes to employment, compensation is a crucial aspect that directly impacts every employee’s livelihood and satisfaction with their job.  In Canada workers are protected by laws that outline the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers. However, the question of whether an employer can reduce an employee’s pay … Continue reading

Employee Rights on the Sale of a Business

When businesses change ownership, employees are usually just happy to hear that they aren’t immediately losing their jobs. However, change of ownership can have far reaching consequences on an employee’s severance entitlements.

There are two methods in which a business can change hands:

  1. If the company is established as a
Continue reading

Employment Contracts – Valid or Invalid?

All employees have “legal contracts” with their employer, whether they are realize it or not.  Many employees do not have written employment contracts with their employers, while others do. For those employees bound by written employment contracts, there can be several legal obligations and rights that govern the employment relationship … Continue reading