Probation Periods – More Trouble Than They Are Worth?

Many employers have as part of their employment agreements a probationary period for all new hires for the first three months of employment.  Often employee benefits and other employment perks like accruing vacation time or being entitled to participate in a bonus program don’t crystallize until after this probationary period … Continue reading

Supreme Court of Canada Upholds Termination For Breach Of Drug And Alcohol Policy

Courts in Canada have long dealt with human rights issues in the context of workplace policies, including drug and alcohol policies. The competing interests are clear. On one hand, workplaces have an interest in promoting and enhancing safety at work through workplace policies. On the other hand, drug and alcohol … Continue reading

Social Media and the Workplace

A couple of recent decisions have highlighted the emergence of social media issues in the workplace.

In a precedent setting decision, a labour arbitrator in Ontario has found an employer liable for failing to protect its workers from harassment and discrimination relating to customer posts on the employer’s Twitter account … Continue reading

Overview of Employee Rights and Duties in Canada

As an employee, staying informed about your rights and duties is critical.  Whether you are working as a full-time or part-time employee, knowing your legal rights and obligations is critical.  Along with being familiar with your rights, it is equally important to abide by the duties found in legislation and … Continue reading